Volunteers are the heart of the community! With your help we can make our community better. To get involved, you can attend a monthly league meeting, check our website and newsletter for current volunteer opportunities, or call 780-481-1495.

Also consider volunteering to help with fundraising through bingo or a casino event.


Come join us at a bingo and make new friends, enjoy a free meal, and have fun! Volunteering at bingo is simple, and lets you get to know some of your neighbours. We can always use more volunteers, so check the schedule below and let us know if you can help out.


For more information contact one of the bingo chair volunteers listed here.

Where? Caesar’s Bingo at West Edmonton Mall

Afternoon 11am to 3:30pmEvening 5pm to 9:30pm/**11:30pm
Sunday February 12, 2017Thursday April 6, 2017
Saturday March 11, 2017Tuesday May 2, 2017
Friday March 24, 2017Sunday May 28, 2017
Saturday April 1, 2017Saturday June 24, 2017 **
Monday June 5, 2017Friday July 21, 2017 **
Friday August 25, 2017Wednesday August 16, 2017
Thursday September 21, 2017Monday September 11, 2017
Sunday October 8, 2017Friday December 29, 2017 **
Saturday November 4, 2017Wednesday January 24, 2018
Monday February 12, 2018Monday February 19, 2018